Thank you for your willingness to help with the victims of the devastating Camp Fire. Here are the current housing needs of our community:

  • Long term single family home rentals.

  • Short term rentals, bedrooms, or mother-in-law units.

  • Space for travel trailers.

Please remember that most evacuees may not be able to provide “typical” rental documents (i.e., proof of income, ID, etc).

Once you have found someone to fill your availability please email so your name can be removed from the availability list.

Price gouging during disasters and states of emergency is a crime. State law prohibits the price of goods and services to be raised more than 10% after a state of emergency is declared by the Governor. Please click here to get more information from the State Attorney General’s office. If you have any questions you can email

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Temporary: Less than 30 Days Short Term: Less than 6 months Permanent: Greater than 6 months
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Please remember the following:

  • All fair housing laws still apply. It is your responsibility to know and follow them. Questions? Email

  • The NVPOA makes no representation as to the qualifications of applicants.

  • All housing agreements are made between you and the applicant.

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